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DIPE is one of the finest Institutes in the Delhi and Noida region for learning the intricacies of the stock market. The job oriented courses are tuned to develop the in-depth knowledge base of the students so that they can steer through the turbulence of the stock market.

The short-term courses are designed so that they can cater to a cross-section of the society which includes:-
  • Students
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Working professionals
  • Housewives
  • Retired persons
The courses are offered in two verticals of:-
  • Online courses
  • Classroom courses

They are taken by top-notch experienced trainers who give growth trading strategies in live markets. There are also internships and guest lectures from industry experts who offer fine- tuning to the already earned skills to generate revenue through the ups and downs of the stock market.

This is achieved by a team of a well conversant group of trainers who train the student to be future leaders. They include:-
  • Mr. Deepak Bhalla- A senior and highly recognized research Analyst, Investment advisor, senior business consultant, and corporate trainer. He is the research and quality head. He also delivers expert opinion in financial portfolio management.
  • Mrs. Mansa Behal – A senior analyst and a senior faculty of repute who teaches the complexities of the stock market and trends in the emerging market. The courses of NSE, NISM, and NCFM are smoothly handled by her.
  • Mrs. Aarti Aneja- Senior Faculty & Technical Analyst and Research Coordinator & Quality Support
  • Mr. Prateek Thakur- A technical analyst and faculty who teaches on the analytical skills with authority and sharpens the decision-making skills. Live market trends and analysis of stocks in different market scenarios are the keys to his teachings.
  • Mr. Madan Gopal – A technical analyst by profession and a faculty who teaches the students on live market analysis, helps in developing sharp analytical skills with an eye on consistent revenue generation with expertise in the capital, commodity, currency, and derivative markets.
  • Mr. Anish Singla – A senior analyst and faculty who makes the students' career thrive with in-depth technical knowledge and analysis skills. Fundamental analysis, options trading, and technical analysis are taught with excellence.
Visiting Faculty
  • Dr. Kamal Gulati- A visiting faculty at DIPE and Associate professor at Amity University. He is also an International Research co-ordinator and a Quality Support member for IQAC, which is a significant administrative body looking into the long- term quality matters.
  • Mr. Subhash Chhabra- A stock market analyst, investment advisor, and portfolio expert of repute and a well-known figure in the stock market arena. He is also a visiting faculty at DIPE showering students with much required technical edge.
Non-Teaching staff
  • Ms. Harpreet Kaur – Branch Head & Sr. Admission Counsellor
  • Ms. Srishti Solkar – Counsellor and co-ordinator
  • Ms. Prachi - Counsellor and co-ordinator

These teachers and associated staff help the students achieve their career highs. The traders and the investors including retired persons and housewives also benefit from the profits of the stock market with excellent guidance provided by these efficient teachers. DIPE with their enthusiastic team and associates help students make path-breaking career moves which help them to become proponents in the industry.

Mr. Deepak Bhalla

Sr. Research Analyst I Sr. Investment Advisor | Sr. Business consultant & Corporate Trainer | Research and Quality Head

Miss Deepika Chauhan

Branch Head II Sr. Admission Counsellor - Noida Branch

Dr. Kamal Gulati

Visiting Sr. Stock Market Faculty | PHD Finance ll Quality Support-IQAC | International Research Coordinator |  Associate Professor at Amity University

Mr. Subhash Chhabra

Visiting Sr. Faculty | Sr. Investment Advisor I Sr. Fundamental Analyst

Mr. Harshit Aneja

Stock Market Faculty I Technical & Option Derivative Expert

Miss. Srishti Solker

Branch Heads l Sr. Admission Counsellor - Delhi Branch

Miss. Harpreet Kaur

Sr. Branch Head I Sr. Admission Coordinator - Delhi Branch & Noida Branch

Mr. Puneet Narang

Sr. Stock Market Faculty l Sr. Technical Analyst l Research Analyst l Derivative & Option Trading Expert

Miss Anam

Admission Counselor - Janakpuri Branch

Miss Alisha

Admission Counselor - Noida Branch

Miss Aarti

Branch Head ll Admission Counsellor Janakpuri Branch

Mr. Vishal Verma

Senior Stock Market Faculty II Sr. Research Analyst II Option Derivative Expert

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

Senior Stock Market Faculty ll Sr. Research Analyst ll Option & Derivative Expert

Mr. Piyush

Stock Market Faculty ll Technical Analyst & Derivative Expert

Mrs. Pooja Bhalla

Sr. Marketing Head ll Sr. Product & Service Head

Mr. Binay Pratap Singh

Sr. Stock Market Faculty ll Sr. Research Analyst ll Option Derivative Expert ll Sr. Financial Advisor


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