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DIPE institute is considered as one of the best Institutes for stock market training in Delhi. DIPE institute is one of the leaders in the field of financial learning and stock markets. The Institute imparts quality education to its students to thrive in the financial field as a Stock market analyst, Fundamental and technical analyst, Equity analyst, Research analyst, and many other roles.

About its refund policies, they have devised their policy in three different parts as per the course delivery modules. The course modules are designed as

  • Classroom-based courses.
  • Online courses
  • Franchisee center

Each of the polices are customer-centric to create a win-win situation for both the students and the Institute, like not losing out on taxes paid since DIPE is committed to adherence of local laws and government regulations but also providing refunds with some clauses.

Refund Policy for classroom-based courses

DIPE has its own set of strict policies that they adhere to regardless of age, sex, religion, caste, or creed.

Fee refunds are not permitted if
  • The student has completed half or more than half of the course in the Institute and then applied for a refund
  • The student has taken concession or discount or any offer involving both discount and concession at the time of admission.

It is understood that while registering on the site or by submitting a question in the site you are agreeing with the terms and conditions laid down by the Institute. Based on this all the authorizations about the refunds will be eligible in the current term period and the discretion of the DIPE management will be considered final.

The refund occurs in the following two ways:-
  • 75% of the net fees will be refunded in case a refund application in writing is placed before the initiation of the course.
  • 25% of the net fees will be refunded in case a refund application in writing is submitted before 25% of the course is completed.

Net fees mean Total fees paid without the GST, that is

Net fees = Total fees paid – GST.

Refund policy for online classes

DIPE Institute is committed to the education of students and always thinks by placing themselves in the shoes of the customer. The refund policies are also geared up keeping this ideology intact.

For online classes, no refund is permitted once the purchased course is activated to explore. However, if the course is not activated then a refund of 50% is possible after purchase. The purchase has to be made through:

  • Voucher
  • Prepaid coupon
  • Offline payment methods

For refund request of online classes, an email needs to be sent to

Any refunds whatsoever will have to be covered in the current term only and the discretion of the management will be considered final.

By registering on the site or posting any query it is understood that the student or the student’s associates agree to the terms and conditions which are laid down by the management. The institute wishes that they should be honored at any given time.

The refund policy of Franchisee Centers

The refunds to be given in case of franchisee centers depend exclusively on the owner of the franchisee. The refund policy can thus differ from franchisee to franchisee. The discretion of the Franchisee owner is considered to be final.


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